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South Beach Gifts: Party Favors, Centerpieces,
Carousel Horses, Hand Calligraphy For Weddings & All Occasions!

Looking for Something Impressive & Unique for Your Memorable Celebration? Stop Here! 

PARTY FAVORS & CENTER PIECES For: Weddings, Bridal & Baby Showers, Sweet 16 Party 15th, Christenings Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, Birthdays, Reunions,  Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, Graduations, Banquets, Special Events, Anniversaries, Attendant Gifts, Fundraiser, Black Tie, Formals, Corporate, Proms or Any Celebration In Every Theme ! 
Start with personalizing that special unforgettable day with original hand calligraphy by Joanie Ferrara beautifully Hand written on your wedding invitation or place cards. Then visit our  Showroom or this website to see Over 3,000 New Favor items!

Web site: www.southbeachgifts.com  (732) 714-1600       Email Us:  joans.gifts@verizon.net or southbeachgifts@verizon.net

1) Frames-Favors for All Occasions       Click below images to see  favor page

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2) Place Card Holders Favors for All Occasions    Click below images to see favor page

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3) Candles Favors for All Occasions & Holidays       Click below images to see  candle favor page

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4)Practical PARTY Favors for All Occasions: Bottle stoppers, Barware, Coasters,  Bookmarkers, Key Rings, Personalize Items, Glass Wear, Cookie Cutters, Wine Charms, Crystal  favors, Novelity gifts, Practical Gifts, Cake Knife & Servers, Scoops, Spoons, Trivets, Spoon rest, Albums, Candy Boxes containers in metal, tin, paper, glass, Accessories and Lots More!  ASK US!! We have over 900 items not shown        Click below images to see favor page

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  • CLICK HERE Part 1>Favors Miscellaneous:*Part 1 For All Occasions, Novelty & Practical Favors: Wine & Bottle Stoppers / Openers / Pourers, Bar top sets, Cocktail Drink Charms, Glass Wine Charms, Drink Coasters, Murano Glass Barwear, Bottle Stoppers in Glass, Crystal, Chrome, Metal, Stainless Steel. Coasters & Photo Coasters made out of Cork, Glass, Ceramic & Mirror. Cheese Board sets. Italian favors,Trivets, Ceramic Spoon Rests European Style, Personalized Glassware, Crystal favors, Key Chain Rings, Albums. Favors in All themes & Seasonal Favors, also Cross Religious Favors. Paper Candy Boxes, Metal & Tin Containers. Keepsake lid boxes, Book Markers, Salt & Pepper sets, Cake Towel favors & More!
  • CLICK HERE>Favors Miscellaneous:*Part 2 For All Occasions, Novelty & Practical Favors: Book Marker, Salt & Pepper sets, Crystal, Key Chains, Albums, Personalized Glassware, All themes and Seasonal favors, Paper Candy Boxes, Tins Containers, Keepsake Favors & More ..ASK us over 900 NEW items not shown
    Religious Favors:Cross, Angels, Cherubs & Icon Favors For: Baptism, Christening, 1st Holy Communion, Confirmation, Scared Events, Church, Showers, Madonna & Child, Holy Family Religious Statues.       Click below Images to see favor pages
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6) Carousel Horses logoWordssml.JPG (6186 bytes) Carousel Horses, Life Size to Small. Rockers & Lamps   Click below images
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CLICK HERE>Carousel Horse Reproductions 10 Styles Hand painted in the USA: 12 Colors Part 1


7)Trinket Boxes Porcelain Favors Faux Limoge Hinged for All Occasions
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8) Centerpieces  & Favors for All Occasions       Click Below images to see centerpieces
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CLICK HERE Part 1>Centerpieces for all Themes, Seasons & Occasions *Part 1 Plus Sand Castles, Pumpkin Coach Carriage, Cinderella Castle, Princess, Fairytale, Baby, Showers, Baptism, Christening, Communion, Confirmation, Wedding, Birthday, Sweet 16, 15th, Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, Centerpieces All Themes, Movie Night, Hollywood, CandyLand, Fashion, Carnival, Floral, Vases, Topiary Tree, Kids Party table decor, Envelope holders, Cake Favor box, Cake top, Shower Centerpieces, Table Decorations, Fountains, Carousels & More !

9)Accessories for Wedding, Shower, Baby & All Occasions Gifts.
writeframe-BEVsml.JPG (3367 bytes) album-BEVsml.JPG (3004 bytes) Bev-2008setsml.jpg (26895 bytes) Bev-2-2008unitycandlesetsml.jpg (15391 bytes) bev-2008personlbk-sml.JPG (4223 bytes) Bev-2008babysml.jpg (18691 bytes)
Sorry.. This Page is being UPDATED! Call us for more info. Assortment of Wedding Accessories & Favors For all Occasions! Designer collections of Unity candles, Unity candle stands, drinking glass flutes,Toasting glasses, pen holders, ring pillow, garter set, Money bag, cake knife & server, personalized items. Cake plateau, cake stands. cake top, Wedding photo albums, monogram albums, guest books, memory books, hankies, garters, jewelry, apparel, gifts for Bridal party, Ushers, Bridesmaid & Flower girl baskets & gifts. Engraved silver finish products to be personalized, cake plates to sign, place card holders, frames, cake toppers, candle holders, Pillar candle, tapers, cake boxes, DVD holders, Bachelor party accessories. Wedding music, sign in frames. Gifts for the Groom, Bride, bridal party & baby. Baby shower favors. Ring pillows for dogs! Gifts for Everyone and lots more! This assortment of various items is very unique then the other parts of this web site. Please see ALL our other above headings to enjoy the 4,000 favors we offer!! Call us for more info 732-714-1600
10) Cradle & Cribs For your Babies Nursery  Children's Furniture    All Wood Cradle , Cribs & Bedding Comforter & Pillows to Match                        Click below images to see all

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11) Annalee Doll Classic Collectibles for over 79 Years. With Their Unique Hand Painted Faces for Christmas & All Holidays. We carry all Seasons: Valentines Day, Easter, Spring, St. Patricks Day, 4th of July, Harvest, Halloween..Plus Santa's Workshop Elves.The"Magical Elf "that sits & plays. click below images
hollyberryelf.JPG (4660 bytes) greenclassicelfsml.JPG (3244 bytes) chefelfsml.JPG (2962 bytes) mrsclaussml.JPG (3789 bytes) reindeersml.JPG (3915 bytes) santasml.jpg (5274 bytes) snomanelfsml.JPG (2789 bytes)
 CLICK HERE> Collectable Annalee products Limited Editions Christmas 2013-2012 Holiday, Valentine's Day, Spring, Easter, Saint Patrick's Day, Fourth of July, Summer, Halloween, Harvest, Fall, Thanksgiving & all Special Editions!.  Original Tradition for over 79 years. Start your New Family Tradition with our Santa's little helper "The Magical Elf" That comes alive when you believe*!  Create Endless Memories to Cherish for Years to Come & continue to pass it on for generations! Santa Letter Included and Instructions for all Christmas Magical Elves. Part 1


12) Calligraphy Samples
13) Calligraphy Purchasing & Requirements
14) Place Cards
15) Placing Your Order  Call in  your order 732-714-1600 or email us to place an order!
16) About South Beach Gifts & Favors / Joanie Ferrara    We have the most extensive selections of new and distinctive FAVORS for : Weddings, Bridal & Baby Showers, Christenings Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, Sweet 16 Parties, Graduations, Attendant Gifts, Reunions, Banquets, Special Events, Proms or just any Occasion to Celebrate!  Choose from themes such as...traditional, whimsical, classical, angels, cherubs, romantic, garden, nautical, shell, beach, tropical, dolphin, floral, teacups, butterflies, fairies, chairs, boats, bells, hearts, stars, fleur de lis, Irish, animals, hearts, golf, casino, movie theme, hollywood,  items to personalize & lots more! All Season Favors: Summer, Fall, Christmas, Winter, Holiday & Spring!  Our products come in crystal, silver, gold, brass, pewter, antique, bronze, nickel, chrome, aluminum, metal, acrylic, ceramic, cold cast, and all colors of resin.

Favors & Gifts Unique line, presented by Joanie Ferrara are: Frames, Place card Holders, Table number holder, Candles, Practical  Useful Gifts Miscellaneous , Trinket keepsake boxes, Table Decorations, Centerpieces, Bottle stoppers, Barware, Bartop, Coasters, Key Rings, Bookmarkers, Personalize Items, Cake Servers, Coasters, Glass Wear, Candy Tins,  Glass Jars, Paper Favor Boxes , Cookie Cutters, Wine Charms, Servers, Scoops, Spoons, Spoon rest, Trivets, Cheese board sets, Guest book sets, Murano Glass and European  Italian  favors, Wedding, Accessories for the Bride/Groom, Shower, Baby Shower, Bridal party, Baby, Sweet 16, 15th Birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah's and Lots More!

Favors, Centerpieces, Candles, Card Holders, Gifts, Hand  Calligraphy

For Wedding, Birthdays, Showers, Religious, Special Events & Every Occasion!

     All Images in the website Copyright 2000-2013 South Beach  *All Rights Reserved on website  www.southbeachgifts.com

Email us for Permission Dept: southbeachgifts@verizon.net


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